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Military Loans Online Fort Carson

Fort Carson Information and Resources Page

Fort Carson, Colorado (the Mountain Post) is an Army post located in the Rocky Mountains southwest of Colorado Springs, between Interstate 25 and Highway 115. It houses the 3 Armored Cavalry Regiment (ACR), 3rd Brigade, 4th Infantry Division (ID), 43 ASG, and 10 Special Forces (SF).

The main telephone numbers are Commercial (719) 526-5811 or DSN 691-5811. The mailing address is Fort Carson, Co 80913-5000. The official website is www.carson.army.mil

The post has a population of 15,628 active duty soldiers, 65,576 family members and 2,797 civilians. The housing on Fort Carson is quite limited for the number of people assigned to the installation, which can lead to a wait of 12 to 18 months for on post housing. It currently has 235 officer units, 1,596 enlisted units, 830 new units to be built, and 24 single service member units. The housing office phone number is (719) 526-2322.

Fort Carson offers the following facilities on its installation. There is temporary lodging at the 186-room guesthouse. The contact number is (719) 526-2527/4832. The Army Community Service can be reached at (719) 526-4590. There are three elementary schools and one middle school on post run by Fountain-Fort Carson School District. The installation offers excellent childcare facilities with three centers for 1,099 children however there is a 3-month or longer average wait. Additionally there are 51 approved homes that provide in home care to children for parents stationed at Fort Carson. The childcare phone number is (719) 526-1100. Fort Carson offers great medical care with a 195-bed hospital and a clinic. Appointments can be made at (719) 526-7000. The Tricare phone number is (888) 874-9378 and the benefits phone number is (719) 264-5000.

The post has a very large commissary for the shopping needs of soldiers and family members. The commissary phone number is (719) 526-5644. there is also a large size post exchange, a mall and 4 shoppettes. The phone number is (719) 576-4000. The following recreation activities are available to assigned personnel: Arts and crafts, auto hobby shop, bowling, fishing, golf, gym, library, outdoor recreation, pools/swimming, stables and tennis.

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