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Student Loans Free No Obligation Quotes From Trusted Online Loan Lenders

Student loans are often neccessary in order for many people to attend college. We understand that many young college students don't want to incur huge loans at rates that would make for a large monthly payment once they graduate from college.

That's why we've affiliated ourselves with the leading online loan lenders in order to provide the opportunity for a student to consolidate a current student loan at a much lower finance rate. We can help you!!

  • Find a trusted online loan lender
  • Save valuable time applying for consolidation loans
  • Free loan comparison
  • Fast and easy loan finding system
  • No obligation to our providers
  • Federal student loans are made up of three primary programs: the Federal Family Education Loan Program (known as the FFELP), the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program (known as FDLP or Direct Loans), and the Perkins Loan Program.

    Before searching for the right student loan that fits your unique needs there are a few things you should know. Federal Stafford Loans are low interest, long-term loans designed to provide students with funds to help pay for their education; and are regulated by the federal government. You may be borrowing this loan from a bank, a credit union, other eligible lenders, or directly from the government. Listed below are the various types of Stafford loans available:

    Subsidized Federal Stafford Loan This is a need-based, long-term, low-interest loan designed to provide undergraduate and graduate students with funds to help pay for their educuation. Subsidized means the interest on the loan is paid by the government while a student is in school and during periods of grace and deferment.

    Unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loan This is a non-need-based, long-term, low-interest loan designed to provide undergraduate and graduate students with additional funds for their education. Unsubsidized means students are responsible for the interest on a loan while in school and during periods of grace and deferment. However, payment can be postponed.

    Federal PLUS Loans are available to parents with dependents who are full or half time undergraduate students. Eligibility is not based on financial need. These loans are based on credit history and require a credit check. The interest rate is low and repayment begins immediately. A parent may borrow up to the cost of education less any financial aid the student receives.

    Private Loans: There are companies and banks that provide private student loans for both undergraduate and graduate students. Only borrow what you need as the interest rates on these student loans are often higher.

    LowCostLending.com - Our favorite student loan consolidation loan provider is Low Cost Lending. This lender is well known and offers fantastic customer service and fantastic loan rates. Complete their simple and secure short form, and see the names of up to 4 lenders -- while still online! Low Cost Lending is FREE, and you have no obligation. Start now and in less than 5 minutes you can make lenders compete for your student loan consolidation loan.

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